About Us

With more than 40 years experience in textile machinery, machine repair, machine distribution and serial machinery production, CAN MAKINA is THE FIRST LOCAL FIBC, BIG BAG INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE manufacturer operating in metal machining industry for three generations with numerous innovations.

We follow the newest developments in technology and adopt them to current FIBC packaging industry. According to the needs and desires of our customers, we design fast, high quality and long lasting sewing machines, sack cutting machines and automation projects, carry out numerous R&D studies and provide service support.

In 1999, we manufactured our first local industrial sewing machine, namely ADK-02 (80700CD) and gave it to S:A:, which was the biggest sack manufacturer at that time. The same machine works smoothly even today. Our R&D studies made on machines are carefully monitored and copied by other companies.

Besides flexible intermediate bulk container, bulk bag, big bag, sack industry, CAN MAKINA also works with NET-ROPE SEWING MACHINES, BOBBIN WINDING MACHINES and carries out numerous different contract manufacturing jobs.

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